Sky Dragon Terrarium Glass Dome Titanium Quartz

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In a far-off land, there lived a dragon named Sky. Sky was a magnificent creature with shimmering blue scales and wings that could reach the highest clouds. He was known throughout the land for his love of adventure and his fearless spirit.

One day, Sky decided to embark on a journey to the top of the highest mountain in the land. He flew for days and nights, facing fierce storms and dodging dangerous creatures, but nothing could stop him from reaching his goal. When he finally reached the summit, he found a magical crystal that glowed with a brilliant light.

With his new treasure, Sky set out on a new adventure, this time to the depths of the ocean. He dove down to the ocean floor and encountered many sea monsters, but he was able to use his crystal to defeat them all. He discovered a hidden underwater cave and inside he found a magical pearl.

With the pearl and crystal, Sky became even more powerful and his reputation as a great adventurer grew. He went on to explore many other places, facing new challenges, and discovering new treasures. He traveled through deserts, jungles, and even to the edge of the world.

Sky's adventures were legendary and they were passed down from generation to generation, inspiring others to seek out adventure and to never give up on their dreams. Sky lived a long and fulfilling life, and when he passed away, he was remembered as one of the greatest dragons of all time.

Years passed, but the tales of Sky's adventures remained, inspiring others to follow in his footsteps and explore the unknown. His legacy lived on, and he was remembered as a dragon who had seen and experienced things that most could only dream of.


Blue Sky Dragon is a spirit dragon.Iridescent blues and translucency combined with metallic sparkles. 12 cm x 5cm

Made with polymer clay and glass/wood dome. Phantom Quartz specimen

For shipping I pack these dome on paper and placed inside the styrofoam in a box. Please notice you will have to remove the tissue and accomodate the glass dome on the dragon with the base.

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Sky Dragon Terrarium Glass Dome Titanium Quartz
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