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Hello! good news for 2022, at least if you are interested in ordering a dragon specially made for you.

#1. Anticipation, please send me a message inquiring about what kind of dragon (based on the catalog) are you interested in and your color suggestions. Please note I have to transcribe your description into the sculpture but you have to accept the final result as what it is, an unique dragon made with polymer clay. You will get a quotation and an advise of which item to place an order on, depending of the complexity. Prices vary.

#2. Get on the waiting list. Its important that you know as much as I will want to help you get your dragon a month in advance, it will not work out due the waiting list. People before you have placed an order and I have to respect their time to make their dragons. Advise, place your order at least 4 months before when you need it. Or just be patient once your order is placed so you know it will take time to work on your dragon.

#3. Im here all the time. I have been making dragons for 7 years now and I will respond to each of your questions and emails. Im also on Facebook and on a Pacific time zone in Canada (I wont be awake at 4am unless you send me a message, so be kind)

Im a polite person, and as I see it very professional to deal with. But I dont do reimburses nor returns. You are buying art, and as a custom order there is something very sad about selling your dragon to another person if you dont want it. So be specific and give room to iterations when you commission an artist.

Also Yes, you might have a couple of cat hairs on your dragon that can be pulled off them, I will be working from an apartment studio and sleep there so my companions (Cats) live there with me. I dont smoke, I dont spill wine on the packages, but certainly there might be cat hairs randomly but I cant help it.

If you agree with all this, you are awesome and I hope we build a friendship client/artist that stays for a long time. I have a long list of beautiful clients that have helped me buying my art through rough times and Im willing to keep finding amazing clients to deal with.

Here is my FB page where you can see what im working on: You can also contact me there. Thank you very much and looking forward to deal with you!

--Astrid and her Cats.

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