Introduction To My Art

Introduction To My Art

Posted by Astrid Makosla on 2014 Feb 15th

Hello, I would like to comment something about my pieces, they are made with polymer clay, wires and foil paper and epoxy when details need it. As you might suspect my sculptures are not "perfect" they are not like the toys you can buy from the store, perfectly packed and no defect on the manufacture. Some of my dragons may have stains on the bottom where I place them while painting them, they might catch a cat hair or two, very removable not a big deal.

Sometimes the clay cracks while baking, but you will see that on the products picture, defects are part of the appeal. there are parts that the wires might be a little visible even though I try to hide them, but the baking process might ruin the sculpture if I notice this too late. I try every time to deliver a product of quality, although is made by a human and has little glitches and defects. I expect my costumers to understand the beauty in creating something from nothing, and not giving them a value of a product that has been replicated several times.

Therefore, if you buy directly from an artist expect nothing but human error, originality and beauty. This means that even if i try to deliver perfection is more likely you would get nothing but a piece of me, but this is what is called ART. I appreciate all my great clients and I respect them so much for helping me keep working on what I love. I keep perfecting my techniques on each dragon and I keep looking for the perfect clay and mixed media to make the best product I could give. Thank you!