Moving Out From Etsy

Moving Out From Etsy

Posted by Astrid Makosla on 2018 Nov 26th

I started my store on Etsy in 2013, got wonderful beginning and the hard work of getting new clients paid of, my art was finally being sold and going to new homes. Unfortunately just a year after, Etsy started to change and it grew so much that started adding more fees and  making the "improvements" so difficult to manage and  the monthly payments became incrementally bigger and bigger and at some point unjustified, that I started to suspect that I had to close my store and find another selling platform. This I found in Bigcommerce. 

So, welcome to my new store, hopefully here I will have a better control of my income and offer better prices. I activated a chat button so clients can contact me when they are about to purchase or when they have some questions, it will provide a personal attention and guarantee the clients satisfaction. 

Since I'm growing a home in this new platform, I will appreciate any feedback about the glitches and aspects that might show up and complicate your navigation and or product classification.